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Library Music - Music for Advertising purposes

As a member of PPL I source library music companies that specialise in ethnic and world music. 

My chosen field of writing for library music is an offshoot from my interest in World music. I have used the several ethnic instruments from around the world to produce an album of typical but original world music tracks and my anticipated advert focus is at adverts that promote such items as Beer, food, cars travel companies etc. 

Because there are various cultures throughout the world I chose to compose the tracks using different styles of backing in the style and most relevant and expected music genre pertinent to the country, and I have linked the various instruments to tracks that I have produced.

I have taken this approach because I have been playing many ethnic instruments within my live performance show for many years as a performing musician and I understand and play these instruments to a high standard. 

Have a listen and see if they take you to different parts of the world!


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