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Dogleg Steve - Blues Guitarist

I am an avid blues and rock fan and I have been playing guitar since I was 12 since my dear mother bought me a classical guitar (for which I later trained to a high level). The guitar is in my soul – it is my vocation to play this wonderful machine and to create joy in music for whoever wants to hear. I am also a competent Producer and as well as producing my own albums I have also done production work for several other artists and own my own recording studio at (See tabs above).

I have been highly influenced over the years by some of my heroes of the guitar and unsurprisingly they are still a great part of my life – people like Robin Trower, Richie Blackmore, and my all-time favourite Mr Walter Trout.

If you like guitar playing and rock and blues generally then please come to one of my shows and I can guarantee a great night out. The band will be performing all of tracks from my new album Squeaky Shoes and a few other blues classics.

To book the band contact me on

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