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Dogleg Records is an independent record label and recording studio

Which was set up to help facilitate the production and presentation of various recording artists.


Established in 2013 to help my colleagues in the music industry record and promote their music.

Currently there are several artists on Doglegrecords - please see the "Links" tab above.

The Recording Studio

This is a simple digital/analogue set up using a high powered computer system,

Various monitoring and software.

There are various instruments, guitar amplifiers and guitar/vocal processing options available.


Motu 828mklll analogue to digital interface

Allan&Heath desk

Various powered monitoring

Various top quality vocal and instrument mics


Cubase 6.5 with vocal correction facilities

Groove Agent 3

Toontracks Superior Drummer

Halion VST’s

IK Multimedia Amplitube 4

Many other Plug ins.


To book a session please contact me at

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